5 ways to prepare your body for summer

The first day of summer is just around the corner – time to get fit and feel good about your “bikini body.” To prepare to impress, you first have to find the perfect summer body diet that works for you. It’s easy to be active when the weather gets nicer, but an easy diet can make a huge difference.

1. Start Juicing

We know it’s tempting but skip the mince pies and opt for a hydrating, nutrient-packed juices from Eric Helms, founder and owner of Juice Generation. In a juicer, combine 2 to 3 carrots (greens removed), 1 seeded apple, 1/2 small beet, and 1/4 peeled lemon. This combo will boost your vitamin A levels while also giving your skin a rosy glow and providing a little natural SPF for your skin thanks to all of the caroteoids packed in the beets and carrots. You can also try our green detox juice, get the recipe here.

2. Try HILT workouts

Warmer, sunnier days can make you want to spend more time outside—but not necessarily running. Cut your mileage and enjoy the weather with high-intensity interval training. Full-body circuit training not only burns a load of calories while you sweat, it also torches additional calories in the hours after by keeping your metabolic rate high. Here’s one sequence to try: Hold a heavy dumbbell or large water jug in each hand. Alternate walking lunges and pushups for 30-second intervals for a total of 5 rounds. Perform on the beach for an added challenge!

3. Opt for summer fruit

Melons are the perfect hot-weather food. They hydrate without bloating and fill you up without putting you in a food coma. You might also want to limit artificial sweeteners, even in diet soda—they can cause temporary belly expansion, as do broccoli, cabbage and beans. Summer also means loads of watermelon and berries, all delicious fruit and healthy too.

4. Control your hormones

Stress impacts hormones and is known to worsen inflammation. Stress can raise levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which disturbs neurotransmitter function and worsens symptoms of thyroid disease. These include low energy levels, poor mood, low concentration, disturbed appetite and weight gain and the inability to get restful sleep. Stress management will help with the symptoms related to thyroid disease. Read our blog for more information on natural supplements to support thyroid functions.

5. Ask for assistance

We know how hard it can be lose weight, and sometimes we all need a push. Sign up for our online 5 week weight loss challenge (it also makes the perfect Christmas gift for a friend struggling to lose weight). This weight loss program includes 5 weekly session of 15 minute consultations to keep you on track with your weight loss plan. These packages are ideal for weight loss or patients needing intensive help with weight gain. Clear weekly goals will be set out and a mealplan formulated to achieve these goals.