Type I Diabetes

Talia, who is herself a Type I Diabetic, specialises in the dietary and lifestyle management of Type I Diabetes.

This includes the basic lifestyle principles that a diabetic should follow, and the adjustment of insulin dosages according to carbohydrate intake, referred to as carbohydrate counting, for patients who are on a basal bolus insulin regime (daily injections) as well as insulin pumps.

Talia’s approach includes the treatment of babies, children, teens, and adult diabetics. Among her treatment guidelines, she manages:

  • the carbohydrate intake of patients on insulin pumps,
  • advises on blood glucose management during pregnancy (including gestational diabetes), and
  • provides treatment for diabetic athletes who partake in regular endurance events.

Talia also specialises in helping diabetics control their blood glucose levels by means of correct diet, exercise and supplements.