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The Weight Loss Challenge

This 5 week program was developed and is presented by Clinical Dietitian Talia den Dulk, a specialist in weight loss and insulin resistance. Talia has joined forces with Personal Trainer, Veronica Palomba in order to help and teach you how to eat and exercise to see results and most importantly to keep the weight off once it is lost. The challenge is designed to teach you how to eat and exercise properly, to stimulate weight loss and encourage lifestyle changes that will result in sustainable health and vitality. Challengers come together online in a safe and comfortable environment and discuss their weight loss goals, share their experiences, and monitor and maintain their performance and results throughout the challenge. The challenge aims not only to assist people in losing excess weight, but also to educate individuals on the correct lifestyle decisions to make in order to keep the weight off, prevent the onset of illnesses related to obesity and live a healthy life.
My goal is to help you lose those unwanted extra kilos. After you have registered for the challenge you are provided with an online profile on this site. There you receive your personalised eating plan that I’’ve developed for you along with the planned times for online exercise classes, and have your progress monitored by myself and your trainer who will make sure that you meet your goals.


*   Once a week at 17:45 login to the Videocall to start the Weight loss session at 18:00.

*   Each challenger gets an Innerscan – specialised technology which calculates body fat %, muscle mass and your metabolic speed. This will be arranged prior to the start of the online session.

*   Exercise recommendations are made by a qualified personal trainer.

*   The online session will be presented by Talia den Dulk, where she will discuss the weight loss rankings of the previous week and thereafter, present a 5 week course on weight loss which covers:

WEEK 1: How to eat to lose weight and keep it off
WEEK 2: Eating plan, portion sizes and recipes for weight loss                                                                                      WEEK 3: Exercising to maximise weight and body fat loss                                                                                                    WEEK 4: Reading food labels and the latest diet trend products                                                                                          WEEK 5: DNA testing for weight loss and weight maintenance after loss


With all the confusion in the diet market, this eating plan is healthy and balanced with a higher amount of protein to satisfy the hunger pangs and prevent muscle loss, however no funny fad diet or dietary exclusion of food groups.

Talia den Dulk is a Registered Dietitian and formulates each eating plan personally and specialises in Insulin Resistance and body fat loss. Talia uses your metabolism, weight, waist circumference and body fat% as a guide to which eating plan is best suited for you. Your eating plan will be calculated to lose a minimum of 1 kg body fat per week and is suitable for persons struggling with Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Heart Disease and breastfeeding mothers or just any person who wishes to lose body fat.

THE COST – R 2,500

Fees include a weekly online weigh in session,  6 week online weight loss education program, a Personalised Diet plan by Talia den Dulk  You will also receive a Diet Folder with all the diet information you will require for the sessions.
And you will be 5kg closer to your goal weight! Your payment secures your place.

?What type of diet plan will be used?

Talia den Dulk will formulate each eating plan personally. You will not be following a FAD diet, you will be following a healthy eating plan which will be calorie restricted according to your metabolism and will be formulated to suppress hunger and maximize body fat loss. Her eating plans focus to reduce the carbohydrates in the diet while optimising good quality protein intake

?Which measurements will be taken?

Each person will receive and innerscan which is specialised technology which calculates body fat percentage, water percentage, your muscle mass and your metabolism speed. Your waist circumference will also be measured.

?Do I need to be fit to partake? / Which exercise should I be performing?

Participants do not have to be fit at all. You will have access to live online classes presented by Veronica Palomba who is a qualified personal Trainer. Her fitness method uses short High intensity interval training workouts and she also specialise in Pilates and Animal Flow Training.  You will receive and be taught to use a TheraBand™ . These exercise combinations will help to speed up your metabolism. We also want to burn calories and make use of the afterburn effect. You will have access to a three live online training sessions with Veronica who will teach you as you go along. Should you be unable to login at the required time, sessions will also be recorded for you to participate at a later stage. #NOEXCUSES

?I have a medical condition, can I still partake?

Talia den Dulk is a Clinical dietitian with 20 yrs of private practice experience. She is a Diabetic herself since childhood and knows the trials and tribulations of dietary changes. She specialises in Insulin resistance and Diabetes and has managed an array of medical conditions with diets. This eating plan is safe for most medical conditions. Should you have an enquiry regarding your condition email her directly. Talia@chocnutrition.co.za


  • Record total group loss 149.5 kg in season 3
  • Record weight individual loss of 14 kg in season 4
  • Record body fat percentage in season 9 with 7%
  • Record waist circumference loss in season 2 with 20 cm

The next challenge starts 9 Nov 2021 ONLINE.

Phone 071-687-8490  or email: Talia@chocnutrition.co.za to REGISTER NOW!