Have you recently been diagnosed with Insulin Resistance?

Reduce your reliance on diabetic medication through effective lifestyle and diet changes.

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“When I was diagnosed with diabetes as a child, I was told I could no longer have chocolate. My diagnosis sparked an interest in diet and the way food affects the body. I was determined to find some way to incorporate my favourite foods back into my diet without jeopardising my health.”


Why Chocolate?

Our clinical dietitians believe that a lifestyle change does not have to be a life change. Your diagnosis does not have to spell an end to your relationship with food. By making effective, practical, and easy adjustments to your diet, we can assure your ongoing health and vitality while still affording you the luxury to indulge in your favourite foods.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” ― Charles M. Schulz

The word ‘diet’ is inevitably associated with restriction and deprivation. At Chocolate Nutrition, we believe you can achieve your health goals without compromising your lifestyle.

About Us

We are Clinical Dietitians

Chocolate Nutrition consists of a team of dynamic clinical dieticians who is committed to understanding each patient’s unique medical condition in order to prescribe the necessary dietary treatment. We work in consultation with a variety of medical practitioners who compile information from a wide range of health checks. We take into account your unique body composition and metabolic rate, any medication you may have already been prescribed, as well as the results which come back from your relevant blood tests.

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Based in Stellenbosch

We are located in Stellenbosch’s Technopark on the R44 which links Stellenbosch, Somerset West and Cape Town via the N2 route. This makes Chocolate Nutrition’s offices easily accessible from all main transportation routes in the greater Cape Town metropolitan area.

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Our Services

  • Private Consultations

    It is imperative to consider each patient’s unique medical and nutritional needs individually in order to adequately treat medical conditions through diet. At Chocolate Nutrition, our one-on-one consultations include a full medical and nutritional assessment which takes into account your own lifestyle objectives and dietary goals. This includes sending each patient for blood and/or genetic tests to determine any chemical imbalances in your system and identify any predispositions to certain types of illnesses in your family

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  • Weight Loss Challenges


  • Vitality™ Assessments

    Earn 5000 Vitality™ points with us. We are accredited with Discovery Health to provide Vitality Nutrition Assessments. They help you understand your body’s nutritional requirements and provide you with realistic, personalised goals for a healthy nutritional regime.

  • Corporate Wellness Workshops

    Geared towards a healthy workforce, our presentations and motivational sessions encourage better eating and lifestyle habits. We assess attitudes of healthy eating versus junk foods and motivate individuals to adjust their lifestyles to include healthier eating, and exercise regimes.

  • Online Product Dispensing

    We supply high quality science-based nutraceuticals, as well as other dietary supplements directly to the public. Visit our online shop for more details, or contact the practice directly.

We Pride ourselves in what others say about us

  • ‘Thank you for the amazing experience and valuable lifestyle changes you have taught us.’

    Jill Fortuin, September 27, 2014

  • “I lost 24kg in 8 months. I feel like a different person! Finally I can run and cycle with ease. Plus my husband thinks I’m gorgeous!”

    Dr. Antoinette Veldtman, Ecologist

"In 2011 at the age of 56 years, I set a goal to compete in the Ironman 70.3 in 2012. I consulted Talia in order to get advice about my diet and sports nutrition. I lost 8 kgs and had an amazing Ironman. This month (September 2014), being closer to 60 than 59 years young, I competed in a 3 day stage mountain bike race and was placed 10th in the Men’s Team Event and am still following Talia’s advice."
Mark Dunkley