Follow-up Consultation

The second assessment is essentially a follow-up consultation in which the patient gives feedback on the diet and exercise regime assigned to him/her. These plans are streamlined to eradicate any problems which the patient may have experienced with the diet and exercise regimes in order to make them more practical and doable. For example, patients who don’t have the time to eat at certain times of the day will be encouraged to snack on food during the day which is more portable and convenient, yet still in line with their eating regimes.

Patients who struggle to consume the correct amount of protein or vitamins in a day will be encouraged to use supplementary shakes and protein bars. The purpose of the second assessment is to make sure that the diet and exercise regime allocated to patients is still in line with the demands of each individual’s unique lifestyle. This is the crux of Chocolate Nutrition’s services – to provide dietary treatment without entirely compromising on lifestyle or preferences.


30 to 60 minutes

What to expect:

  • Follow-up Innerscan™ test to measure new data on weight, body fat percentage, frame size, hydration status, muscle mass and speed of metabolism.
  • Testing of cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides and blood pressure (if indicated).

What you will get:

  • Monitoring of your progress to achieve your health goals.
  • Adjustments to your eating plan and exercise regime for maximum benefit.
  • Recommendations on further lifestyle adjustments.
  • Additional supplementing to aid your progress.