Type II Diabetes

Treatment of Type II Diabetes includes the management of Type II Diabetics who are on dietary management, tablets, or insulin therapy. Talia has helped many diabetics reduce their reliance on diabetic medications using effective lifestyle and diet changes and can successfully assist patients to reduce their insulin resistance and insulin dosages.

Talia has been notably successful in helping many patients reduce and maintain a healthy blood glucose level by means of diet, exercise and supplements. A very big part of dietary treatment would be to focus on preventing regression in patients with Type II diabetes, moving from taking tablets to using insulin, and preventing further health complications as a result.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance is the precursor for Type II diabetes and, if managed correctly, can prevent the onset of Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Talia’s focus is not just on managing the insulin resistance itself, but also to prevent the onset of diseases related and exacerbated by insulin resistance.

Weight loss is essential in this process and Talia has developed specialised eating plans to address this issue in patients. With a multitude of weight loss products on the market, Talia advises on evidence-based supplementation to improve insulin function and enhance weight loss.