Globally , one in nine adults has diabetes and 28% of the population is walking around with diabetes without even knowing it. According to the World Health Organisation, Diabetes will 7th leading cause of death by 2030. Most of these people has Type II Diabetes or adult onset diabetes which means that your blood sugar is higher than normal. This is due to the bodies inability to use the blood sugar properly. Having raised blood sugars can have delerious health risks of which heart disease and sudden heart attack or stroke is one. Other concerns would be that of blindness, kidney problems, erectile dysfunction, circulation issues.

People with Type II Diabetes has no symptoms at first and symptoms may be so mild that it can go unnoticed for years. It is usually during this time that most of the damage is done.

The goal of treatment of diabetes is firslty to lower the blood sugar and secondary to prevent diabetic related complications. The most important way to reduce blood sugar would be by the correct diet and an increase in activity. A dietitian would be a good start for advice in this regard. The more overweight you are, the more you would struggle with your blood sugars. By losing 10% of your bodyweight, you can effectively reduce your blood glucose by 50%.

There is good scientific evidence that specific nutritional deficiencies may promote diabetes and hinder reduction in blood glucose.

In a nutshell, start by having yourself assessed by a dietitian and implement lifestyle changes that would lead to good glucose control. Secondly include exercise to your daily routine and try to shed the extra amounts of body fat. A good supplement regime can help to lower your insulin and medication needs. There really is no need for diabetes related complications!.